Don’t Forget the Pre-trip Inspection on Your Automobile

The holidays are here and it’s time to hit the road to head to Grandma’s house. Make sure to stop by our shop before you leave for a pre-trip inspection. We will make sure you can count on your vehicle to and from your destination by inspecting things such as the fluids, brakes, and tires. We want you to enjoy your holiday travels, not get stuck on the side of the road. Let’s talk about some things we can all do to ensure you have the best holiday trip ever.

Double-check the Route

First, double-check your route to make sure there aren’t any problems such as inclement weather or road closures. Look for other things that will slow you down such as road construction. Find an alternate route to your destination in the event that your primary route has a problem. You never know when an accident or other issue will bring traffic to a standstill. If you have an alternate route worked out, you can quickly hop on another highway and get moving toward your destination again.

Plan for Plenty of Stops

While you are planning your route, look for fun places to stop and get out of the car. You and everyone in the vehicle need to stretch your legs every couple of hours to keep everyone alert and in a good mood. Fun roadside stops can give you all a nice break from the mundane road. It also gives everyone a chance to use the restrooms and grab a bite to eat if they are hungry.

Eat/Drink Healthy

Speaking of eating, make sure to stick to a healthy diet when you are on a road trip. Fatty and sugary foods and caffeinated beverages can make you tired and cranky. If the entire family pigs out on fatty foods, everyone will be tired and cranky. Healthy foods and plenty of water keep you all in a good mood. Plus, if you stay hydrated, you will be more alert while you are behind the wheel.

Get a Pre-trip Inspection

Finally, make sure to schedule an appointment with us for a vehicle inspection before you leave for your holiday travels. We will check your car, truck, or utility vehicle from the roof to the tires to make sure you can rely on the automobile the entire trip.

We are here to help, so ring us up today to schedule that pre-trip inspection. You’ll be glad you did.

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